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Jazmine's Success Story

I can defiantly say God brought me to Naomi. I was about to leave CTF and was on my way to the Harbor House when God showed me another way. By using someone I knew from my past, Monique Townsend, someone I trusted and looked up to quite honestly. Then putting it in text in the daily bread that I read every day while in CTF. I still remember the title of the passage I read that morning when I decided to come to Naomi, “The House Hunting Rock Ant.” In short it was about how hunting rock ants instinctively follow the ways of their Creator. But we often let our fears keep us from following and trusting God. The difference from a faith based treatment house vs. a regular treatment facility.

I learned how to love at Naomi. I learned that being vulnerable is ok. I learned that being educated doesn’t make you a good person. Being a good person makes you a good person. I learned to be aware of my non-verbal actions because they speak just as loud. I learned that it’s not always about me and that love for me is a verb, not a noun. I learned that treatment is the cure, but you must be willing to receive it.

Naomi helped me, help others. By helping me fix my life I spread treatment, counseling to everyone I know. Telling them how important it is to help yourself. We get so caught up in life that we don’t take time out to process how things make us feel. Feelings are not facts, but they are valid and deserve recognition. My outlook on life is drastically different and it’s mostly in part from the love that I received at Naomi. I’m forever grateful and will continue to show my gratitude by continuing to be a Naomi success story!

Life is great. It defiantly gets frustrating sometimes when I realize that I have to live life on life’s terms. But practicing skills I learned from Naomi makes it a lot easier. Knowing that the only thing that I truly have control over is myself gets my gears turning.  I try to do things that I enjoy doing like cooking, event planning, and talking to the youth. I do most of my best service work when things aren’t that great or my life seems to be out of my control.