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Lauren's Success Story

I had struggled with drugs and alcohol since I was very young but never knew how to get the help I needed. When I was 19 I decided to take some action and admit myself somewhere. I had started out at COMPASS but decided I needed more structure and support in my life before I went home. I made the best decision of my life and decided to come to NAOMI house in April of 2013. I was terrified at first but when I decided to truly give it a chance, my whole perspective on life began to change.

I learned to love myself again and build bonds with woman that still mean the world to me today. I was challenged on a daily basis to strive to become a better woman. My fire for recovery was sparked while I was at NAOMI when I began to see the changes in myself and when I was able to watch others grow as well. When people did not choose to stay at the house, it was a reminder how strong our disease truly is.

After 12 months I had built back my self-esteem, learned how to make healthy boundaries, started college, and honestly could say I loved myself. There are way too many things I could write about that I learned at NAOMI and way too many things that I am forever grateful for that could never fit on one page. When I got home I jumped right into the program and became active in the fellowship. I have healthy relationships with my family and have made so many new friends. Life today is so beautiful and without NAOMI I wouldn’t be where I am today. I still show my appreciation by going back to see the girls and sharing my story with them, and just letting them know how awesome recovery can be if you are willing to do the work!