Coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Dear New Attitude On My Image Inc. (NAOMI) Community,

First and foremost, I hope you are staying well. As an organization, NAOMI Inc. is adjusting to the current circumstances that all of us are facing during this unprecedented time. We believe that the services we provide as a behavioral healthcare provider are essential, and we are committed to continuing to serve our clients and community in a safe and responsible manner.

With information changing so quickly, we think it’s important to keep you informed of the measures we’re taking to not compromise the continuity of care of our clients or the wellness of our staff members. As you’d expect, all decisions we’re making are being guided by the counsel of outside health officials to include the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other state and local health authorities.

Along with enhanced sanitation measures and social distancing practices in our offices, here are the most recent operational changes we want you to be aware of:

  • Everyone presenting for work or services must submit to having their temperatures taken, and the threshold to continue is 100.4 degrees.
  • We are only accepting new clients from hospitals, detox facilities, and CTF but by appointment only, so calls are being answered to schedule new intake appointments. The last assessment will be at 2:00 pm Monday-Friday.
  • All outside activities along with Client Passes, Family Day & Poetry are suspended until Monday 04/06/2020. Clients will still make their Support and Family Calls. 
  • Case management services are available to assist our clients in linkages to medical services and other items essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, developing a community support system, and addressing other areas of concern.

We believe it is important for individuals managing a mental health or substance use disorder to know that we will not abandon care for them. Our community will continue to experience our staffs’ dedication and unwavering support during a time of uncertainty. None of this is lost on us, which is why in addition to the changes that can be seen, we’re taking extra precautions to ensure our staff’s safety and well-being, and any NAOMI Inc. staff who is uncomfortable with working may voluntarily take a personal lay-off without the worry of losing her position.

We also want to take a moment and thank our government officials, medical personnel, first responders, and other community behavioral healthcare organizations for their unwavering resolve to meet the rising demands of those in need of our care.

If you have any questions, please call 419-244-4824.