Success Stories

Stacy's Story

NAOMI saved my life. Without the guidance from the staff and their love and support, I wouldn't have made it. All I had to do was follow simple instructions. NAOMI started me on the road to recovery. I will forever be indebted to them. 

M's Story

I came into  the NAOMI very broken, defeated, scared and determined to get all I needed to live a successful life and become a productive member of society. The staff at NAOMI creates a very warm, spiritual, safe and non-judgmental environment for women like me to address  issues in every area of their life. I wouldn’t trade my experience at NAOMI for anything. It was the best choice I made for myself in a very very long time.

Lauren's Story

I had struggled with drugs and alcohol since I was very young but never knew how to get the help I needed. I made the best decision of my life and decided to come to NAOMI. I learned to love myself again and build bonds with woman  that still mean the world to me today. I was challenged on a daily basis to strive to become a better woman. My fire for recovery was sparked when I began to see the changes in myself.

Jazmine's Story

I learned how to love at NAOMI. I learned that being  vulnerable is okay. I learned that being educated doesn’t make you a good person.  Being a good person makes you a good person. I learned to be aware of my non-verbal actions because they speak just as loud. I learned that it’s not always about me and that love for me is a verb, not a noun. I learned that treatment is the cure, but you must be willing to receive it. NAOMI helped me by helping me fix my life. My outlook on life is drastically different and it’s  mostly in part from the love that I received at NAOMI. I’m forever grateful and will continue to show my gratitude by continuing to be a NAOMI success story!

Betsy's Story

Even  though my life was in shambles and I was bankrupt as a person, I still resisted the help when I first got to NAOMI. But the staff loved me anyway. They believed in me and saw something in me that I never believed I would ever be able to see in myself. They told me that God loved me and could heal me. They showed me all of the ways that I had been self-sabotaging and my irrational belief systems.  All the while challenging me to confront all of the feelings and thoughts and memories that I had been running from for so long. They gave me opportunities to practice handling situations in a completely different way. They taught me what it meant to be a woman of  integrity. Most importantly they held my hand on my journey to rediscover my faith in GOD.

Sally's Story

At NAOMI, I learned so much about myself and the work I needed to do on myself. It was not just the drugs and alcohol, but my belief system and my attitude and the counselors and other staff taught me to have tolerance, patience, faith, trust, unconditional love for myself and others. I learned how to share, how to give of self and not expect anything back and how to love myself for exactly who I am. For the first time in my life I have my own place.  I pay my own bills. I was taught how to make a budget, how to cook, how to shop for food, how to set boundaries, how to ask questions, for myself, and how to respect others. Life is what I make it and if I follow the directions I was taught, I will be okay. The sky is the limit. With God anything is possible.